Things your people hate about the office design

Ending the year with a lot of gains while keeping loyal workers, it is with great pleasure for you to grab more opportunities as the new year starts. While its working out great for you, your staff might have been suffering all this time. Its common etiquette for employees not to complain about minute things like office design and office space. They think of it as something shallow and would rather work in silent. Here are four things your people are not telling you about the office design they despise.

1. They feel isolated

Sectioned office and isolated cubicles have been around for so long, employers developed a misconception that its a set-up created for success. Studies show that when the walls are high and plentiful, the less initiative for workers to participate with each other leading to decreased performance. You can alter this by creating communal workspaces and open spaces to encourage your employees in working as a team. This could help in promoting a better mentor-mentee relationship between employees and at the same time finish projects efficiently.

2. Chaotic space

A little bit contrast to the first thing, your people lose a portion of their privacy if the office space is a little too open. Important phone calls or emails with sensitive information are at risk due to this mishap. The concern for lack of privacy has become increasingly alarming since more and more companies have switched to open spaces. Make sure to maintain the balance between creating a space with open areas while ensuring their own little space. Add an extra layer of security through adding privacy screens in each of your workers computers.

3. They feel sedentary

Its not much of big shocker that your people feel sedentary. They work long hours just to finish a single project while glued to their seats staring at the bright screen of their monitors. If every supply is within reach, it would further require them less effort in attaining it. One solution to this problem is by renovating an old room with unnecessary furniture and put most common supplies there. It would make it even organized while engaging your people in small talk by getting those much-needed supplies.

4. It feels dull

Having a bland and boring workspace full of neutral tones isnt likely to bring joy and enthusiasm to your employees. Having your walls bathed in color and hues can enhance employee engagement. Being stuck in a room with little to no windows can also feel suffocating. If you can, opt for at least one large window to guarantee some bright sunshine that will inspire your employees. Go for office plants as a substitute for sunlight if its too much of a renovation.
It may not seem like they put much attention to your office design, but it might even play as a deciding factor in accepting a different job offer. Dont lose your valuable resource. Message us and our experts will save you from this daunting task.