Trends in Cubicle Space

When it comes to modern cubicle design, one word is key flexibility. They can be made bigger, wider, smaller or taller.
These designs make it very easy to customize an office design to meet any work requirement. Designs that support private work stations, collaborative work, full-time employees, part-time employee and shared work stations and now available with many cubicle designs.
The newest trend is very popular for its versatility, Collaborative office cubicles. These allow forlower walls, which in turn, creates more open spaces. Collaborative office cubicles can be arranged to conform to the changing workforce needs. Their varying heights allow you to create a new conference room or private office at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.
The trend will continue to see the office cubicle used as private and quiet work cube in an open office environment. The traditional grid layout will find the oldcubicle farm broken into sections meeting pods, collaboration stations, employee lounges, etc. There may never again be aone size fits allapproachto designing an office space.