Using workspace to encourage collaboration

Living in today’s fast-paced technology-dependent era, it is important how workplaces should shift from a “me” to “we” environment. Organizations are aware that group work is key to be able to yield efficient and productive output and yet still fail to provide collaborative spaces for its employees. Considering spaces for collaboration is usually a part of effective office space planning.
Working in an office with little to no space invite the dreaded mental blocks and not only discourage social interactions but also slows down decision-making. Seems like a recipe for business disaster.
A study by Knoll Workplace Research mentioned that today’s collaborative spaces fall short of expectations, driven by a lack of spaces to support the most valued types of collaboration, and a lack of adaptability of both furnishings and technology within the spaces.
Organizations feel that by providing commonly used collaborative rooms such as bars, cafés, and lounges, they would be able to compensate the innovation and invaluable products their employees provide. Thriving collaborative rooms of Facebook’s and Google’s create spaces that is not only flexible but also inspiring. Natural lighting can go a long way in constructing a stimulating environment.
Don’t be one of those disinterested companies and improve your productivity by creating spaces that matter! Because your employees are your greatest assets, offer them the greatest benefits while working.
If you want to know how you can transform your office to allow for collaboration, give our effective office space planning experts a call here at SOI.