We Design and Space Plan

Today, many companies are adopting a flexible approach to work or pushing for a return to the office. As managers seek to engage their employees and utilize office space effectively, they are taking down cubicles, reconsidering open floor plans, and making room for adaptable, shared workspaces. To achieve the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency, it’s critical to make the best use of the available space. Focusing your attention on design and space planning is the first step in creating an ideal office environment.

Discussing flat plan

Office space design and planning looks at the strengths and weaknesses of your current setup, analyzes your floor plan, and makes strategic changes to create a work environment that:

  • is pleasant, attractive, and convenient
  • responds well to dynamic activity
  • promotes collaboration, creativity, and productivity
  • enhances focused work
  • encourages employees to thrive
Effective office space planning creates a better experience for everyone and can ultimately enhance your bottom line. Our design team will assess your space, evaluate your current furnishings, consider your needs, and create a cost-effective plan to make the best use of your resources.

What Is
Office Space Planning?

Office space planning involves mapping out your space, then selecting and setting up your furnishings to enhance its ergonomics, functionality, and flexibility. An effective layout is accessible, inclusive, and makes employees and visitors feel inspired by the company atmosphere.

‍Our designers consider your floor plan, get a sense of how employees are using your existing space, and suggest realistic changes you can make to improve its look, feel, and usability.

Factors That Influence Good Office Design

To reconfigure your office space, our designers take several factors into account: 

Available Space

We account for your usable square footage and look at how you currently allocate your available space.

Fixed Features

The fixed features of your office, like doors, windows, stairs, beams, closets, bathrooms, and fire exits, can influence your office layout. We carefully choose and position your furniture to make your space more functional, and work around fixed features to ensure that you make the most of the space you have.


Your furniture and cabinetry must be arranged to comply with building code ordinances, safety regulations, and OSHA standards. Our team will ensure that your fire exits, stairwells, and emergency supplies are accessible so that your company can keep your occupants safe while avoiding the risk of lawsuits.


The capacity of your workspace defines the number of people your space can comfortably or lawfully accommodate. Our designers take note of the minimum, average, and maximum occupancy levels for your work environment and position your furnishings to create a calm, energized, and open atmosphere.


Depending on the size of your workforce and your company culture, there are many office concepts that can serve your needs. You may want to adapt an open office floor plan to create flexible, activity-based workspaces. We can also create designated areas for grouped desks, hot desks, dedicated desks, and individual workstations.

How We Plan and Design for Success

To create welcoming, inspiring spaces that encourage your employees to give their best efforts, we talk to your team to find out what they need most. This ensures that any changes we make will support office productivity and morale.

Redesigning your office should also boost your company’s bottom line. Our designers are adept at making the most of your budget. Most of our clients can save money by rearranging and repurposing their existing furniture while strategically allocating funds toward technological and decorative upgrades that make the space feel new.

Here are some of the techniques we use to bring out the best in your work areas:

We Consider the Scale of Your Office and the Need for Open Space

An office that is stuffed full of furniture can feel crowded, noisy, and unpleasant. We aim to leave plenty of space between work areas to create a sense that your office runs smoothly.

We Create Areas for Collaboration and Focused Work

When it comes to allocating space, our designers think about carving out different zones for specific types of work. We suggest that you designate quiet areas for focused work and areas where employees can gather and collaborate without disturbing others.

We Advocate for Good Lighting

If your workspace is blessed with natural light, we suggest that you make the most of it by placing desks or lounge furniture near windows. For enclosed workspaces, providing high-quality, customizable lighting for each workstation can go a long way toward enhancing comfort, focus, and productivity.

We Make Your Space Feel More Natural

Bringing a few low-maintenance plants into your office or including natural wood accents can help your space feel less sterile and boost employee morale. Workers who feel at home in their environment will be more personable, alert, and productive.

We Make Good Use of Your Furnishings and Suggest New Amenities

We’ll arrange your existing furniture to maximize the benefits of your workspace while promoting changes and upgrades that will have a positive impact. Depending on your work culture, the size of your office, and your budget, we may suggest adding on-site cleaning, concierge, reception, and mail service, guest Wi-Fi, printing stations, bike storage, and 24-hour access to give your employees and guests the sense that your office is modern and in-tune with the times.

We Integrate Technology Into Your Office Design

Technology is an essential component of daily operations and an important consideration in office design planning. Our designers plan spaces that are compatible with your multimedia systems and smart technology to optimize convenience, flexibility, and security.

Bring Your Workspace Into the Future With Our Office Space Planning Services

An efficient, comfortable, and up-to-date office space is an essential driver of productivity and innovation. Designing and planning an inspiring work environment will ensure the best outcomes for your employees and your company.