Why an Impressive Reception Area is a Must

A good impression is vital in any business interaction. This is exactly the reason why account executives need to dress smart and come prepared to meetings and presentations, because whether or not first impressions last, one thing is for sure- it’s a defining moment.
In the world of effective office space planning, the first impression comes in the form of the reception area; after all, it is the initial point of contact for clients coming in.
Inside the office, the reception area is the most visited space for non-staff- that’s guests, clients, and prospective employees. Remember how we said in one of our previous blogs that the office is a representation of your brand? Incorporate that thought when designing your reception area.
Choose the reception area’s office furniture carefully. If a client sits on a dingy-looking lounge chair, it might associate your company’s inability to maintain the furniture’s quality to your brand’s ability to maintain quality service.
Take serious consideration when it comes to space. Cramming too much furniture in a small space might make clients feel too closed in and uncomfortable. Too much space, on the other hand, can portray emptiness instead of minimalism.
It wouldn’t hurt to decorate the walls with your brand’s voice as well. Let the reception area speak for itself. Hang photos of the company’s growth throughout the years, or infographics showing relevant statistics. Don’t forget to include your company’s mission and vision as well.
Keep the area clean and presentable at all times. If there is one place in the office that should look its best consistently, it’s the reception area. That makes for a great first impression.
If you need any help making your reception area impressive, feel free to contact our office space planning experts here at Solutions Office Interiors.