Workspace Design Trends You’ll See in 2021: Part 1

With the year coming to an end, a lot of companies are about to put their heads together and redesign the office in hopes of making 2017 an even better year for business. That’s not really a bad idea because sometimes, to improve the productivity of your team, all it takes is a subtle change in scenery.
There are many things you could do to give the office a much-needed makeover, from refurbishing old office furniture or purchasing new, ergonomic ones to going on a greener, more sustainable approach, but there is a right way to go about it.
But not all change is for the better of course, you might end up designing the office and making it look more medieval than modern so to help you out, here are a few workspace trends you could look into as the next year rolls out:

1. Modern and modular design

Technology is creating a world thats fast-paced, too fast-paced that most of the time, companies find it difficult to keep up. This is where modular office design and office furniture comes in. This type of approach in office space planning allows for a forward-thinking design so you can be ready for whatever the future brings. The flexibility of this kind of office layout can help your company easily adapt to any changing requirements with zero to minimal hits to your companys budget. An example of modular office design are wall panels or cubicles that could be partitioned, divided, or moved depending on the requirement.

2. Organized technology

It might sound redundant but there is no denying that technology has changed the way we do our work. This is the reason more and more furniture stores are designing products that allows for the integration of technology. You could see this in a few modern office furniture with built-in power adapters or multimedia capabilities. Its not to say you should invest in this immediately next year because were quite sure its going to be quite a long wait before the production of fully technologically-enabled office design and furniture would be easy on the company budget. However, its always good to keep an eye on what the future holds that could improve the ways of the company.

3. Designing for productivity

There have been studies showing how office space planning and interior design affect productivity of employees. This could come in the form of ergonomic chairs and desks that poses a positive impact on the overall well-being of an employee which in turn makes them a more productive part of the team. It also includes designing the office to encourage better collaboration, improve workspace comfort, and accommodate creativity through game rooms, in-house gyms, or break areas.

4. Go for some greens

What makes the office seem boring is that its made up off too much cement, glass, and steel. If you want have a fresher take on the workplace, we suggest bringing a few outdoor elements into the office. Whether its desk or hanging wall plants, your employees could do better with some greens in the office. Having plants inside the workspace has a lot of positive effects in your employees well-being as its been proven to reduce stress and fatigue, increase productivity, and bonus- it makes the air a tad bit cleaner to breathe.
If youre planning to ,integrate one or two of these as you revamp your workspace for next year, our office space planning experts here at Solutions Office Interiors would be more than willing to help you out. You could either check out our inventory for modular furniture or contact us to elaborate more on solutions we could provide.