5 tips to make office relocation a success

This year is coming to an end and a lot of companies might want to welcome 2017 in a new office. Still, the prospect of office relocation can be quite daunting; after all, just the idea of having to pack everything you need- from office cubicles to office furniture like tables, desks, and chairs- is enough to work up anyone’s sweat. Whether the move is to scale up as your company’s influx of client increases or to downsize for manpower and financial efficiency, there are a lot of things to consider so you won’t end up spending too much time unboxing- too much that it affects your business operations.
But like all things in life, there are a few simple things you could do to make the transition be as hassle-free as it could possibly be:

1. It starts with an effective plan.

A corporate move is not as simple as a residential one, in fact, it’s not something you can just lay out in one or two weeks. To make sure the move goes smoothly, it’s best to plan well in advance. Have a floor plan ready and hand it out to everyone involved in the move so they know their place during the transition. Remember, if even one employee doesn’t have a clue on how the move will pan out, it could cause a delay on the whole operation.

2. Talk to your IT team.

More than moving new and used office furniture as well as office cubicles, the more sensitive part of corporation relocation is transferring all things IT. Give your company’s technical team an even earlier heads up about the move so they have ample legwork time to strategize how to slowly but surely bring the IT infrastracture to your soon-to-be new headquarters without unwanted hiccups.

3. Have an EX-box.

To make sure you only bring what needs to be brought, do an office-wide spring cleaning and sort out what needs to be left behind, a.k.a trash, from what your new office will really require. Bringing in extra clutter can put a damper in your big move not just because it could cost extra (in terms of moving trucks and movers) but also because it can take up space in your new office space, space that would have been better off for something that’s actually of use.

4. Take advantage of colors.

If you’re a big company comprised of various departments, trying to pull of a quick corporate relocation might seem impossible. Our opinion? You just have to be wise about it. Assign a specific color for each department to make unpacking a breeze. This way, everybody won’t have to go around looking for the things that should be in their office. Talk to each department before the big move so they’re all in the loop and know how the system would work.

5. Update everyone accordingly.

We’re not just talking about your employees and your hired movers, you should also think about your clients, your social media followers, and those who visit your website. Use the power of the internet to notify everyone that would possibly be affected by this change of address so you won’t have potential and existing clients getting lost in the map.
Planning a change of view? Talk to us! Besides having an amazing inventory of new and used furniture, we also have experts ready to help you in your planned office relocation. Give us a call now!