Designing the office for millenial employees

There is no denying that Millennials are now a significant part of the workforce. With brands finally starting to fully-embrace the reality of going online, more and more companies are opening their arms to welcome the generation most equipped to survive and thrive in this highly-digital world.
But what does it really take to entice the Millennials from going past your company’s human resources and into your business’s core?
It’s definitely more than just the salary- Millennials put work environment above pay in terms of significance. Unlike previous generations, they are not one for awkward encounters and are more likely to stay in a place where they are allowed to express themselves even through something as simple as their desk spaces.
If you want the creativity and forward-thinking Millennials as part of your team, here’s a way you can tweak the interior office design to make sure that the moment they walk in for an interview, they will tell themselves that your company is exactly what they dream of working for:

1. Know how to maximize your space.

Millennials are freedom fighters so the traditional office space with the cramped up desks and overflowing shelves is not something they would look forward to seeing on a daily basis. Take advantage of the modern time’s effective office space planning and embrace minimalistic, multi-purpose furniture so you won’t have to cram too many things in one room. Give your employees enough space that they could move around but enough space to encourage collaboration and teamwork easily as well.

2. Go for contemporary, one-of-a-kind pieces.

A lot of big companies, like Google and Facebook, are designing their office in a way that it sets it apart from competition. Millennials are that way, too. Yes, they are all for following trends but they are very much keen in standing out. Design your office the same way. Our tip? Check out used office furniture and you might just find something that could add a vintage piece that could attract a millennial’s eye. Who knows? It might push your older staff to reminisce and share stories of a time when that particular kind of furniture were all the rave- that’s building a connection right there.

3. Put a little pop.

Pop culture is something Millennials are very fond of. It doesn’t just remind them of their favorite movie, music, or book, it could also remind them of something that could perhaps have inspired them to be who they are now which in turn could inspire them to do and be their best every day at work. Decorating the office with fun stuff like pop culture-related items could also uplift their creative spirits.

4. Don’t be afraid to refurbish.

Designing the office to welcome Millennials doesn’t have to break the company bank; in fact, you could just look at the existing pieces of office furniture you have and find a way to refurbish a few and turn it into something unique and quirky. If you’re not up to the challenge, you could tell them at the interview that they have the freedom to personalize their own work space. With that, expect that once you have them in your team, they will take you up for that offer and make their office space their own.
If you need more help designing your office in a way that it could attract the right people on your team, give our office space planning experts a call or have a look at the selection of new and used furniture we have at our inventory and you might just find a way to turn the “off” from the office to “on”, if you know what we mean.