7 Ways To Keep Your Furniture Pristine

Does your furniture seem like it’s seen better days? Some regular tasks can help prolong the life on your furniture. Here are a few tips to help keep your furniture looking like it came right off the showroom floor.

  1. Keep fabric away from heavily sunlit areas. This will prevent fabrics from fading and fraying. This is especially true for more delicate fabrics.
  2. Treat spills immediately. Using a folded towel or cloth, blot the fabric softly (do not scrub, this will only rub in the spilled material into the fibers).
  3. If the spill stains, you can use fabric cleaning products with a soft brush on the soiled area. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for what solutions to use. Always test the solution on an inconspicuous area.
  4. Place wood furniture away from heaters or vents. The dry air can eventually cause cracking in the wood, and the temperature changes may cause warping if placed too close to heating units over an extended amount of time.
  5. Dust regularly: Keeping dust off of fabric and wood surfaces can help prolong the life of your furniture. Dust can end up scratching the finish on your wooden pieces, and can also start to pile on the fabric of your furniture. You can use a lightly damp cloth to clear dust on hard surfaces, and fabric can be vacuumed.
  6. Clean the finish on your tabletop with a cloth dampened with warm water and dish soap. Wood finishes are best treated with wax (This is also the most time consuming method). Avoid aerosol spray polishers, as they can damage the finish on your surface.
  7. Tired of the rings left behind from wet cups/bottles on your wood table top? Nothing a bit of mayonnaise can’t fix! Rub some mayonnaise onto the ring, and the ring should disappear. More stubborn rings may need for the mayonnaise to sit on it for a couple hours before rubbing.

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