Color In The Office

Looking to redesign or revamp your office space? The best way to start is with a pop of color on the walls that support it.
We spend most of our day inside the office and the environment that that we surround ourselves with can have a major effect on our attitudes, moods, and even our productivity rates. It is important to think about this when choosing wall paint as well as the color of chairs and cubicles area.

Color Breakdown

Red and Orange are stimulating colors that get the mind racing. These colors are great for sales teams who move quickly to close a deal.
Green and Yellow are said to stimulate the creative process and support brainstorming. Collaborative work spaces for designers and artists are best surrounded by splash of these colors.
Blue and purple have relaxing qualities that help with brain focus. Analytical and detail oriented professions, like accounting and banking, are often related to these hues.