Controlling distractions in an open office

Modern office design has provided the corporate world what we now call an open plan. Open plan or open office is an interior design floor plan that doesn’t make use of the usual enclosed room or spaces like cubicles. This kind of office design has been taking the world by storm since numerous studies have shown that it’s good for office collaboration and productivity. However, a problem presents itself when too much noise becomes a distraction and starts to negatively affect your team’s work
No worries- we’ve listed down some things you can do to reduce noise but still keep your beautiful open space:

1. Dedicate a quiet room in the office.

You don’t have to get rid of your open office just to minimize the noise, just make sure to have a dedicated quiet room so employees who need some peace to concentrate on a specific can do so. The quiet room can be used for non-collaborative work so make sure it has everything an employee might need to accomplish their assigned projects.

2. Take advantage of the power of technology.

Online collaboration can also minimize noise and distraction in the office so make sure to maximize its features. Whether it’s through instant messaging or through a web-based project management tool, you can reduce distraction by bringing collaboration online.

3. Apply effective office space planning.

The science of effective office space planning is not just about knowing how to layout the workspace for aesthetic reasons but also for productivity. With effective office space planning, you’ll have knowledge on how to maximize the available workspace so that even with an open plan, your team won’t be bothered with unnecessary noise.

4. Choose the right office floors.

Designing the office with sound-absorbing materials can reduce noise and distraction significantly. For flooring, you could utilize carpets or vinyl flooring so it’ll be easy to maintain and you won’t have to sacrifice your office’s interior design. You could also look into using a rubber underlayment that when applied the right way could provide additional Impact Insulation Class.
Still unsure on how to go about reducing noise and distraction in your open office? Give our effective office space and interior design experts here a call and we’ll help you out!