How to make your office space bigger

Small spaces can give a cozy and comforting effect but more often than not, it just leaves your employees suffocated and cramped. As much as you want to provide them the comfort that they crave for, there is not much space to begin with. If you cant afford the expansion just yet, then its all about the deceiving the eyes! Try out these 5 foolproof ways into tricking your brains in having a larger office space.

1. Never underestimate colors

Everyone is aware on how color affects our mood and choices like how blue is calming and yellow with regaining energy. Choosing dark colors can even make room feel smaller so avoid it at all costs. Opt for brighter lighter colors like white or light blue as they give off a sense of freshness and neatness. As for the flooring, choose darker colors as they extend the floor further than it really is.

2. Dont hold back on the lighting

Even tiny changes on lightings can make a huge difference when it comes to trying to make your space expanded. Assign different level of brightness depending on its use. Choose bright lights for tasks that need it, subdued backlighting on monitors to reduce eye strain, and general lighting to brighten the place up. Its also best to avoid lamps as they take too much space.

3. Clear the room of clutter

To avoid making a small room feel even smaller, its advisable to not put much stuff. Unnecessary furniture and things often get in the way and can make your employees too cramped up. One of the most common stuff loitering around the office are old magazines, furniture too old to serve its purpose, and piled up paper works that are no longer of use. Start removing the clutter and youll be surprised of how spacious your work place actually really is.

4. Switch to built-ins

If youve tried to remove all the clutter that you can and still havent achieved the workspace you want, consider having a piece of your furniture mounted against the wall. The space youll manage to create can be useful for other purposes like having enough space for team meetings. At the same time, you can use this excuse to replace your old furniture.

5. Ditch the old fashioned office chairs

While you want to maintain that corporate chair look, it might take more space that you actually think it is. Its time to ditch the old fashioned office chair and explore other options that can save space while trying to keep up with the trends. Recent studies have also concluded that office chairs are actually detrimental to ones health. What are you waiting for? Its time to look for something more slick and cozy.
Always remember that less is best! Contact us now and together lets make your small room more spacious and convenient for all.