Designing Your Office for a More Productive Work Environment

If you are not aware yet, the way your office is designed greatly affects your team’s productivity. Yes, we know we’ve been going on about this for the past few blogs but it is important for you to know that there are other external ways in your office design to inspire your employees and encouraged to work.
Here are a few very simple design fixes you can do to make the office environment a space not just for requirements but relaxation as well:

1. Go for Comfort

It’s all in the name. Ergonomics is also known as comfort design. Of course, to keep your staff happy at work, you have to put their comfort as number one priority. An uncomfortable chair might just be the reason an employee is taking too-long coffee breaks to lounge in the office sofa. Ergonomics, simply put, is optimizing not just your team’s well-being but also choosing the right new and used office furniture to help in overall performance.

2. Go Clutter-Free

This is another factor that should not come as surprise. Clutter in the office can result in clutter minds. Make sure that your team follows a strict clean-desk policy. Get rid of anything and everything you no longer use to lessen distractions. For scratch papers, we suggest getting multi-functional tables, desks, chairs, and other new and used office furniture that come with storage so papers won’t have to dominate the top of desks.

3. Go for Some Colors

A lot of studies have been popping up on how various colors affect people’s productivity at work. Yes, each of your employees may associate specific colors to their own specific things but apparently, the effects of color also influence people in a larger, more universal scale.
Here are a few pointers you could consider based on color psychologist Angela Wright’s Color Affects System:
Blue’ stimulates the mind
Yellow’ inspires creativity
Red’ affects the body
Green’ creates calming balance
We’re not suggesting you change the colors of the whole office. You could always go for simple alterations such as changing office furniture into a fun mix of inspiring colors.

4. Go Get Cubicle Plants

Speaking of color, why not put a little green in your office desk! Studies revealed that having a plant on your desk or office can help increase not just productivity but cognitive attention as well. Oh, add its obvious ability to filter the air and your employees will surely come to work feeling happy and healthy!

5. Go Optimize Lighting

This doesn’t need to be backed up by research. Just go ask your employees if they prefer natural or artificial light. You see, if the sun’s natural light is enough for Superman, it’s going to be enough for your staff to experience an increase in productivity, inspiration, creativity, and energy.

If you need any help optimizing your work space, feel free to contact us and we’d gladly not just provide you with high-end new and used furniture but also offer you effective office design and space planning.