Why You Should Opt for Used Office Furniture

When it comes to buying office furniture, you are probably going back and forth between opting for used office furniture or purchasing new ones. Of course, there’s a whole lot of reasons to get new office furniture and we don’t have to tell you that so we’re writing this blog to inform you that new doesn’t necessarily always mean better.
If you are not aware, you can also get used office furniture for your workspace. Second-hand furniture stores can offer tables, desks, and chairs to something as complex as office cubicles. So if you are in the middle of office space planning, here are some reasons you should not shy away from decorating your office with used office furniture:

1. Save Money

This is pretty obvious. Going for used office furniture can help your company save money. Furniture stores that offer used furniture are usually the best places to go to for the best prices, great deals, and amazing bargains. With used office furniture, you can cut up to 50 percent over the cost of purchasing new furniture.

2. Save Time

Purchasing new office furniture can take up to as long as six weeks before being delivered. But when you go for used office furniture, most furniture stores can have your purchased products ready for delivery in 2 to 3 days.

3. Save the Planet

Used office furniture, especially those made of wood, will tak years to breakdown when finally sent down to the landfill. By purchasing used furniture, you are going green by reducing negative environmental impact.

4. Save for Better Resale Value

The thing with buying new office furniture is that its resale value can go down to as low as 25 percent less of the price when you first purchased it. But with used office furniture, you will have the confidence in knowing that its resale value can stay as high as 75 percent of its original purchase price.

See? There are so many valuable things you can save by opting to go for used furnitre. If you need help in knowing how to get the best deals, click here, call us at (408) 295-0101 or email us at and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. Equip your office with our furniture today!