Office Space Planning Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of companies want to achieve what is now called effective office space planning. The concept is simple- you design the office in a way that you maximize the space you have and it results in an increase in employee morale and productivity. Now, if you are planning to put on this hat as well, you’re in luck; because if you’re reading this article then you’re about to get some amazing tips on what NOT to do.

1. Putting quality over comfort

Yes, it’s understandable if you want to go for new furniture that could give the Google office a run for their money. But what’s the use of expensive, contemporary, modern furniture if it leaves your employees and guests with sore bottoms and backaches? Look, if you have enough patience, you can definitely find both new and used office furniture that are comfortable, of high quality, and won’t require you to spend more than you’re willing to.

2. Deciding it on your own

You are just one person- we’re not saying you’re not smart enough to decide but think of it this way- you’re not the only one spending a lot of time at work. Talk to your employees! Set up a casual meeting in the office (with food and drinks preferrably) and ask them for their opinion. Don’t be surprised if they have different inputs, after all, each department has their own requirements when it comes to spacing and office furniture.

3. Not measuring all that needs to be measured

It’s not called office space planning for nothing. When it comes to this, accurate measurements are a must. By jotting down all the measurements you have to have, especially the room spaces, walls, and flooring, you’ll be able to canvass furnishings and know exactly if it would work in your current office space.

4. Not thinking of branding

An important corporate tip: never take any step without considering your branding first. For a business to be a success, you always have to think of your brand and the message you want it to convey. This also applies to effective office space planning- from choosing your furniture to choosing the colors of the walls.

These are pretty simple, right? But hey, if you don’t really have the time to go over everything, you can always contact us here at Solutions Office Interior and we’d be happy to help you plan your office space and even show you a great selection of new and used office furniture.