Our Work

Project Details

Location: San Jose, CA.
About the company: ThreatMetrix offers essential business security and fraud prevention. The company protects access to user accounts and workforce applications, ensures payment security, and prevents fraudulent account creation in a changing threat environment.

The Challenge

The customer hired Solutions Office Interiors to:

  • Create an open environment with design-orientated products to attract and retain new employees.
  • Perform a full interior remodel in a budget-conscious manner.
  • Work 4 phases on 3 different floors.
  • Source pre-owned, but high-end furniture.

The Solution

  • Offering partially refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace products.
  • Adding additional frameless glass and perforated metal tiles.
  • Creating an open feel with low walls but maintaining seated privacy along aisle ways.
  • Adding marker boards to support collaborations.
  • Including mobile pedestals for side seating at each station.
  • Allowing light to flow throughout the space.