Haworth, X99 Seminar Nesting Chair

Haworth, X99 Seminar Nesting Chair

X99 Seminar, designed by ITO in Germany, is the perfect combination of style, comfort and functionality.

ITO designed this chair to have crisp, clean lines that are pleasing to the eye and fit in any architectural setting. The mesh features clear filaments and chennile blend that is soft to the touch while highlighting a mesh look. Fabric and finish selections allow you to create a version that fits perfectly with your home or home office.

Once you have a seat, wow! Lean back and feel the recline. Unlike most chairs like this, X99 seminar back actually reclines. In addition, the seat features two full inches of molded foam in the seat. Rest assured, X99 will deliver the comfort you deserve.

Flip up the seat, roll the the chair around. Store it, move it, sit in it, whatever you need. Put a few of these in your home office and nest them in the corner when you’re not using them. Or, use this as your primary work chair for a few hours at a time. Either way, X99 seminar has the function to support you all day.

Classy yet practical: One can ever fully know what types of guests you may have in your space, let alone the number of them. This is why the the X99 Seminar is the perfect chair. Easy to store so you can have extra on hand. Additionally, the chair’s tasteful European design will give off a high-end aesthetic not commonly associated with impromptu seating solutions.

Geared towards its users, supporting them and intelligently correcting their posture, X99 makes each passing minute that much more bearable.

The Best of the Best: The X99 Seminar boasts the best of the best in materials. The X99 Seminar is available in a multitude of fabrics and finishes allowing you to personalize the look and feel. Feeling fancy? You can outfit your chairs in a chrome base and premium leather seat. For the less flashy, we have painted base options and several fabrics and meshes from which to choose.


  • Polymers, Fabric, Metal


  • Height: 91.4 cm / 36 inch
  • Width: 55.8 cm / 22 inch< /li>
  • Depth: 60.9 cm / 24 inch

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