Trace 3 drawer Lateral File, 18 1/4″ D, 39 7/8″ H

Trace 3 drawer Lateral File, 18 1/4″ D, 39 7/8″ H

FEATURES Positive self-closing hinges and door follower channel provide superior flipper door tracking and a snug door closure. The doors are drawn in when closed to ensure uniform door alignment Flipper doors include a built-in sound absorption feature in the flipper door for quiet operation 12″ receding flipper doors stow completely inside the cabinet 15″ receding flipper doors extend 2-1/4″ outside the front of the cabinet. Please allow for this clearance when creating your floor plan Drawer includes full-height side panels All doors flip-up and recede fully inside the cabinet Choose from fixed or roll-out shelves

BASIC CONSTRUCTION While TRACE lateral files feature horizontal lines and full-width fronts consistent with all other TRACE products, Recessed Front lateral files have in-set drawer fronts and the flipper doors stow inside the cabinet Recessed Front lateral files finish at different heights and have completely different horizontal lines than the TRACE products

OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES Laminate drawer fronts may be specified. Common laminate tops Polyethylene drawer front fillers increase sound absorption File conversion bars for front-to-back filing Magnetic shelf dividers Magnetic label

LOAD CAPACITY Drawer and roll-out shelf load capacity: – 30″, 36″, and 42″ wide drawers is 125 lb

Fixed and adjustable shelf load capacity: – 30″ shelf: 95 lbs – 36″ shelf: 116 lbs – 42″ shelf: 136 lbs

Lateral file metal top load capacity: – 30″ wide top: 140 lbs – 36″ wide top: 168 lbs – 42″ wide top: 192 lbs

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