Level Up Your Office Ergonomics with the Aeron Chair

office ergonomics

Ergonomics is a crucial part of the working life within an office. The idea is to create a workspace that not only increases productivity but also focuses on employee comfort and health, both physical and mental. Repetitive motion can cause injuries. Improperly supporting workers’ bodies can also lead to injuries. Chairs must have the right supports for legs, back, shoulders, and hips. Keyboards must have wrist supports. There must be enough light without being blinding. Screens should have diffusers to prevent eyestrain. Those are just some of the things that must be seen to so that workers have an ergonomic space in which to work.

It’s also a good idea to let workers customize their workstations within the realm of what’s ergonomic. That way, they truly are a part of the process and feel both respected and heard when it comes to their working experience with the company. That can only bode well for their productivity, and the lessening of workplace injury claims will be good for your bottom line too.

As management, you also need a comfortable and productive workspace. Make the same effort for your space and for those of your colleagues that you do for your workers, and then entire company will enjoy increased productivity and morale together.

The desk chair is the kernel of the entire office ergonomics conversation. Because workers in offices must sit at their desks to do their jobs, knowing the right chair ergonomics is essential. Having the wrong chair can undo all of the other efforts you make to ensure your workers’ comfort. The Aeron chair is right on the cutting edge of both technology and ergonomics. The back of the Aeron chair is made of a breathable material that allows free airflow even if the person in the chair leans back. That means no more sweaty afternoons for the worker.

That breathable material is also mildly elastic and is shaped to form a “cocoon” for the person. The people in the office get all the proper support that they need on their legs and backs, and that translates to fewer cramps, less soreness from pressure, and less overall discomfort. The somewhat drooping shape to the edge of the chair allows better blood circulation to the muscles along the back of the thighs, which means less fatigue.

Improved blood circulation also means that there is better blood flow to the brain. That, in turn, increases cognition and critical thinking. Workers also don’t need to get up and stretch as much because of the less restricted blood flow provided by the Aeron chair. Going hand-in-hand with that better circulation is the Aeron chair’s lumbar support. It helps workers sit upright without having to exert undue stress on their muscles. It keeps the back straight and gives a little when leaned upon. That gives the person sitting in the Aeron chair extra comfort. The lack of discomfort or pain is marvelous because it allows people to concentrate.

As good as the Aeron chair is, it is not the be-all-and-end-all of ergonomic chairs. Its very nature is to be a work in progress. As the study of kinesiology and other related sciences improve, and the scientists and manufacturers learn more, the makers of the Aeron chair will improve the design to fit the new learning. Just look at how office chairs were made even as few as 20 years ago and then compare them to the top-of-the-line chairs of today. Speaking of 20 years ago, the makers of Aeron were truly revolutionary then when they created the PostureFit lumbar support. The other innovations they’ve added over the years have improved the already first-class Aeron chair, so there is little doubt that the next innovation is quite nearby.