Four must-have items for business startups

Starting your own business requires a lot of time, effort and stamina. Having an office which suits your business and work ethics while creating a space with inspiration can be too difficult and costly. Financial stability is one thing but how can you make your small startup as productive and as comfortable as possible? Here are 4 must-have items in creating your picture-perfect startup. Continue Reading…

Posted on - January 18, 2017

Office Design Mistakes to Avoid for 2017

With the new year just around the corner, a lot of businesses are about to do some serious revamping of the workspace. As a company that takes pride in providing effective office space and design solutions, then we’re more encouraging you to do so. It shouldn’t be that difficult because if you browse through our blogs, you’ll see an amazing amount of articles that could guide you on your wonderful goal to transform your office into a space of greatness. Continue Reading…

Posted on - January 13, 2017

Modern Office Design Ideas for the Pantry

The new year is a new chance to recalibrate your office into a better version of itself. We’re not just talking about the people that makes your company but also about the space they spend of their time in- the office. But when it comes to revamping the works pace design, a lot of business owners tend to neglect one particular room- the pantry. Continue Reading…

Posted on - January 4, 2017

Designing your startup office to boost creativity

Starting up a business can be financially-risky, that’s probably why most entrepreneurs tend to not put startup office design on top of their priority list. Now, that’s a wrong move.

Effective office design is essential to the success of any company- be it a startup or an established one. While it may be great to know that more and more businesses are starting to realize the direct impact of office design to employee productivity, there is still a significant number of startups who have yet to begin. If you’re one of those, then the new year is the best time to consider the following office design ideas so you’d soldier on 2017 with a team inspired with creativity and productivity: Continue Reading…

Posted on - December 30, 2016

Workspace design trends you’ll see in 2017: Part 2

If it were 20 years ago, office workspace design or office interior was not given much thought, and companies only expected stable results not bearing in mind the creative process employees have to undergo. Thanks to innovation and development, they have begun to allocate enough consideration for certain colors, layouts, and configurations to generate creativity and productivity. Interested in renovating your office space? Listed below are five trends you need to take note of before making adjustments. Continue Reading…

Posted on - December 27, 2016

Workspace design trends you’ll see in 2017: Part 1

With the year coming to an end, a lot of companies are about to put their heads together and redesign the office in hopes of making 2017 an even better year for business. That’s not really a bad idea because sometimes, to improve the productivity of your team, all it takes is a subtle change in scenery. Continue Reading…

Posted on - December 23, 2016

Small office design ideas

Start-ups are the constant fuel of the economy and it’s where all large corporations begin their entrepreneurial journey. Yes, at first, you and your team might have to cram yourselves and your office furniture and equipment in one tiny space but if you know how to maximize every square meter, then a small office can be as innovative and modern-looking as big office designs. To make the most of what little workspace you have, here are some small office design ideas to help you out: Continue Reading…

Posted on - December 16, 2016

Office Design for the Infamous Breakroom

If there’s one room that’s mostly overlooked in office design by employers inside the office, it’s probably the breakroom. That shouldn’t be the case because this particular room is sort of a breather space that could give your employees their much-deserved micro-breaks amid the daily work grind. There’s no need for expensive upgrades just to emulate the break rooms of some of the world’s most successful companies; here are some things you could do to improve it: Continue Reading…

Posted on - December 9, 2016

Adjustable desks: What you need to know

Adjustable desks

A number of studies have revealed that using a standing desk in the office can do wonders for your health compared to that of the traditional desk. In fact, this has been a proposed solution to the known negative effects of sitting all day in the office. Research have shown that prolonged sitting is a factor that can increase the risks of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic health conditions. If those are not enough to make you want to buy a standing desk right now, we don’t know what will be. Continue Reading…

Posted on - December 2, 2016